christine (cme2694) wrote in thequestionclub,

oh, dog

My husband and I got a done in July. While I grew up with dogs, I don't think I realized just how stupid they can be. I'm wondering if anyone else's dogs do this, and if you have an explanation for the behavior besides just that dogs are weird.

1. When we take her out, and grab her leash and collar, she will run away and grab a bite of her dog food. She'll then come back and sit nicely waiting for you to put her collar and leash on her. Why could she possibly need one more bite?

2. A lot of times when we're eating in front of the TV, the dog will bring her bone up and put it on the coffee table and then look at our food. Does she think we're going to trade with her?

3. When we come home from work, she checks to make sure it's us at the door. Then she'll run and grab her bone and bring it to us. It doesn't always seem like she wants to play with us/the bone, so I'm not sure why?

What are some things that your dogs do that make you go 'WTF?'

From Ellie the dog

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