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0340 cleared now 0344?

Hi guys! Last week, I was happily driving to work in my 05 PT Cruiser (I'm assuming it's a base model, as it has little in the way of extras) and the check engine light came on. Then the bucking started (along with the tears) and I pulled over. My friend came with her AAA to rescue my pitiful self and towed the car to a mechanic in the free tow range that she uses and gets great reviews. We got there just as they were closing (of course!) and they said they would look at it upon open on Monday.

I came home, scared and anxious and googled and found ptcruiserlinks.com! I learned about the key dance (which did me no good at that point) and correctly guessed it would be 0340. My guy replaced the cam shaft sensor and I got away at just under $200 - he had told me I could do it myself, but I couldn't find the right part so just had him do it.

Today, at almost the exact same time as last Friday, the light and bucking returned. I checked the code and now it is a 0344. I very carefully and slowly drove the car to his shop again so it can once more sit until Monday. The good news is if it is the same thing or related, he will do it for free or lower cost. The bad news is that even reading more here and other sites, I'm confused as to what the next step should be, other than making sure he checks the wires.

In another thread someone said the crankshaft sensor is usually replaced at the same time? But in other related threads, I did not see this advice repeated... Also, some have mentioned dealers covering it but I'm not sure if this applies to me since I got mine used from a non-Chrysler dealership? I know they still sent me a letter asking if I wanted to extend the warranty after it ended at 70k miles, but I had already passed the mileage and declined (also because I have read most times it's not worth it to re-up - I am rethinking this now, haha).

Please offer me any insight you can - I have three years of payments to make on this thing if it runs or not! Thank you all so, so much!
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