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So got some minutiae questions about India....

NNWM questions because the little_details mods think it's potentially offensive and/or I just didn't look hard enough.

1) Professional thief or street rat ala Aladdin (who I know isn't Indian, but just to give an idea) in pre-colonial India -- what caste, if any, would they have been in? I can find oodles of info on the caste system through the ages, but all seem to refer to your general traders/farmers/merchants/rulers/soldiers/untouchables...and nothing about ruffians. Since it's obviously not a real JOB, would it even count? Would it just be whatever their last legitimately employed parent/grandparent was?

2) What's the difference between a bindi and a tilaka? Same thing, different word for different countries? Wiki and Indian culture sites kept screaming at me "THESE ARE NOT THE SAME" but never told me how they weren't the same. Bindi appeared to refer to the jewel in the middle of the forehead, whereas tilaka was a red dot between the eyes--completely wrong, interchangeable?

DNDCDKDC about my NNWM struggles--what abbreviation/internet slang do you use most often in the course of a day?
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