.X'Tine. (goodgirlzero) wrote in thequestionclub,


Do you have any family members that get on your nerves or you just dont like but you should love?

Mine would have to be a grandma of mine. I love her but most of the time I really dont like who she is. Shes an angry old lady who comments on everyone elses flaws. She has commented on my jeans being too dirty looking and asked if I washed them. (this was in highschool, when worn lucky *the brand* jeans were in. I should have known better than spending $80 on pants to impress her) She also told my step mom she shouldnt cut her hair so short because it makes her look fatter. She always comments on how my step mom isnt right for my father (even 10ish years later), also did these comments with my real mother. She is just a negative nancy and it makes it where I cant stand being around her for longer than 30 minutes.

So who is that family member for you?
If you dont have a family member that you can think of, then maybe a friend?
Edit:: Also, if you could tell me why you dont like them.
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