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Should I forgive my best friend and attempt to go back to the way that things were?

I have been friends with this girl for close to four years, and best friends for three. She probably knows more about me than anyone else.
The story goes that the other night while we were out, and she was getting decidedly intoxicated, another friend and I decided that it might be best if she headed home as it was unlikely that she'd get into the nightclub that we were heading to. We didn't want her to have to go all that way just to go home again. She understandably got angry and upset with us, but in retaliation for the hurt and rejection that she felt I was inflicting upon her, she decided to take something I told her (and only her) in confidence and throw it in my face; so that I would be as hurt as she was.
Now she apologised for it, and feels exceptionally guilty, and I accept that. What I find hard is that I don't talk to people about my problems (oh the irony in that statement with this entry); and I am generally not an open person at all - it takes a lot for me to trust someone. She still wants me to be her best friend, as do I, but as my boyfriend so blatantly pointed out, she's not my best friend if I cannot trust her; and right now I can't; I don't feel that I can trust anyone. I already feel myself pulling away from her - which is difficult because we also work together.
Anyhow, through all of this rambling, my question is, if someone that you loved and trusted with your secrets used them against you because they were angry, do you forgive them and move on - pretend that it never happened? Or do you let the friendship cool off, despite the years of bonding?
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