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music: behind the scenes.

My (rather small) school is hosting a Christian music festival next weekend called ShoutFest. They're asking people to volunteer to work the show - merchandise, maintenance, load in/load out, hosting the games, and there's a position for someone to work with the production manager. I'd like to volunteer for that position if only for the experience with the behind the scenes part of the music industry (I'd like to get involved with the music industry on a music level but I'll take what I can get), so can anyone tell me what I might be doing other than dealing with setlist changes and shuttling back and forth between backstage and front of house (which is what I'm sort of expecting)? Has anybody here had any experience volunteering at ShoutFest?

For the record, I have no experience dealing with behind the scenes/technical/logistics of productions either theatrical or musical in nature. I just love the music and want to learn more about the industry and meet some people who do this for a living.
Tags: music, work

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