Derek Jeter's Future Scandal (payoffpitch) wrote in thequestionclub,
Derek Jeter's Future Scandal

Computer question

So this should be fun...

I'm trying to get on the Weight Watchers (yay for a program that works for me!)website. On both of my browsers, it says I must have cookies enabled. Um...I do! I swear! On both browsers! I checked the help sections on both browsers, followed the instructions, and nothing. I also googled (and Yahoo!ed) for help and nothing I found on there made a difference. I made sure cookies were enabled PLUS I cleared out my cache and still no dice. Does anyone know of any other fix I could make to my computer to allow the website to recognize that I have cookies enabled? This happens to me on websites like Old Navy, as well, but this is certainly more important. So, TQC, do any of you with more computer/internet knowledge than I (pretty much 70% of LJ) know what else I could look for to fix it? I thought this might be a question easily solved by asking an actual person a random stranger.

(No, this is not a homework question. :P)
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