kitlizzy (kitlizzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Exfoliator suggetions?

What works really good for major exfolaiton? I have tried scrubs/soap (doesn't seem to have any effect), loofas (doesn't get it all and makes my skin sore) and soaking in a bath and then trying a loofa, scrub, etc - and I can never seem to get all the dead skin from my arms, under my, um, chesty bits, my ankles/legs (even after shaving), shoulders etc.

I have trouble exfoliating my face fully, too.

The only thing that really seems to get it is a pumic stone, but that's way too harsh for my face/soft skin, esp. on a daily basis. Scrubbing the areas with a dry towel after I get out of the shower seems to work ok, but that gunks up me and the towel. :)

What do you use that works really well (chemical or physical)?
Tags: cleaning, health

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