Herpity durrr. (kaz_lynx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Herpity durrr.

I just had the most gawdawful craving for Kraft Dinner, so I'm making a box (all for meeee) at 1 in the morning.

What is your standard "midnight snack"?

Do you like Kraft Dinner? What's your milk/liquid to butter ratio when mixing in the cheese powder?

I don't actually measure anything, I use a "sizable" lump of margarine (>1 tbsp) and enough splashes of milk to make it creamy-but-not-runny. I also put a dab of margarine in the boiling water to keep it from foaming over, and it makes the noodles all buttery and yum.

Have you tried the white cheddar KD? It looks disgusting to me D:
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