No One (maclou) wrote in thequestionclub,
No One


Which of your icons is your prettiest or most favorite?  Can you use it when you post your reply?

Which icon do you use the least or never use?  Why don't you ever use it?

Would you rather a show end while it's at it's best and still potentially has one or two good seasons left in it, or a show end after it's been crappy for a couple of seasons?  Imagine that either way the ending of the show was decent and complete...

I have no reason to use it ever and it doesn't really look very good :-/

This is hard because I hate seeing shows get bad and it kind of even sours the earlier seasons that I loved so much when the later ones are complete crap but at the same time it's annoying to see a show end too soon too.  But I think I'd rather have it end at it's best.
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