Rolled and curled your tinted hair (stakingaclaim) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rolled and curled your tinted hair

I got two identical packages sent to me. One was a mistake, and I tried to cancel the order, but it was already shipped so I left a note to refuse delivery. I'll call this PKGREF. The other I do want to keep. I'll call it PKGSTAY. So PKGSTAY may have arrived on the same day as PKGREF, but I don't know because I never got a tracking number for PKGSTAY. Anyway I checked the tracking number on UPS for PKGREF and it says PKGREF is being sent back to the seller, but since I don't have a tracking number for PKGSTAY, I don't know if this package I got today really is PKGSTAY. Should I just go ahead and assume it is PKGSTAY and open it?

Maybe I'm just paranoid.
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