Mia The Great (exosomatic) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mia The Great

My friends and I got free passes for All American Rejects(and some local bands) even though I only know one of thier songs but I'm going because it means I can hang out with my cousin, my boyfriend and my friends that I don't see often and also to go to an ~international~ concert. It is also on Halloween night which we don't celebrate but hey, extra excuse to dress up. And I think the best dressed will get a meet and greet pass or something.

So, what can my boyfriend and I dress up as for Halloween in a mosh pit? I want to wear those fairy wings thing but I don't want to poke people or crush it in the crowd.

If you don't care:

What was the last thing you won?

If you got free passes/tickets for a concert that you don't care for, would you still go for lolz anyways?

What was the last concert/gig you saw?
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