all kinds of crazy (questaelavita) wrote in thequestionclub,
all kinds of crazy

about six weeks ago i was offered a job at a shoe shop. at interview i told them that i would be having surgery on my legs in a few weeks. about two weeks after they offered me the job i had a training day and i informed them that the following week was the week of my operation and i would not be able to come into work. i had the operation two weeks ago. afterwards i left a message to say that i had been signed off sick for two weeks and thus would not be able to come in until this week.

on monday i called them and left another message to say that now my sick note has expired and i am almost fully recovered i am able to start work and could they let me know what days/shifts/hours they would like me to come in. i expected to hear back that day. it is now tuesday night and i have not heard back from them.

tqc, what is going on? do they no longer want me to work for them?
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