Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

Unprofessional Public Speakers

A recent conference got me to thinkin' about what is inappropriate in a professional setting.

Ladies:  A male coworker tells you a story whose moral was "stick with your strengths" and the example included a coworker that he specifically specified as female who wanted to be an FBI agent.  He then goes on to explain that she did not have the build for this job and should just stick to what she is good at.  

Are you offended?

Those with disabilities: Same coworker tells you another story with the same message; "stick with your strengths".  He says "I can want to play concert piano all I want, but what if I'm deaf?"

Does that offend you?

Administrative Professionals: Again, this coworker is hammering this message in.  He encourages you to find what you're good at through others around you.  He tells you that an administrative assistant noticed he was very organized and complimented him, saying "you would make a great admin!".  He then snorts and says "well, I guess I'm good at it, but THAT's not a very good thing to do."

Are you engraged?

Everyone else:  Would it make you feel uncomfortable to hear these things from a coworker?  What if these things were said during a speech at a professional conference?  Is each thing separately enough to make you conclude that this person is disrespectful or would it take the combination of the three to convince you? 
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