JT (draperyfalls) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've been in the United States for a few years but never been to a doctor. I used to have insurance through my university, but now I don't.

My questions are -- how do I find a primary care doctor / a general practitioner? And how much can an office visit cost me if I don't have insurance?

Google hasn't helped because I don't know what keywords I should use. I've used the numerous "find a doctor" websites, but the doctors usually have a specialty and (1) they seem really expensive and (2) this isn't really a specific problem, but a general pain and soreness all over my body.

I've called many of them up and they tell me an office visit can range from $100 to $300. That's way too much. I just need to speak to someone with a medical degree for about 10 minutes and get their advice on something. Is there anything else I should do?
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