Erica (wannablessedbe) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is a nice, mature way to discuss my lack of friends with my mother?

We had an argument about how I needed a ride to a job interview. She told me to get one of my friends to take me, I told her that wasn't possible because I didn't have any. Despite the fact I don't talk on the phone, go out, or discuss anyone, which would be signs of friends, she believes I have this whole horde of friends hidden somewhere and that from now on they can drive me places I need to go like doctors appointments and interviews. Since these are necessary places to go, I need ideas on how to approach and talk this out with her. She basically sees this as her forcing me to be social or suffer not having a job/money and not getting to appointments, and I see this as her just not understanding that I don't make friends easily and the few I had have stopped contacting me, gotten on with their lives, and are living in other states currently, so maybe a fresh perspective on this will help.
Tags: advice, friendships, parents

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