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the wheels on the bus go round and round...

As one of my options for things to do to avoid going back to point of origin during thanksgiving break, I'm considering visiting relatives in NY. However, this would involve a monstrous bus ride, with greyhound giving me trip times from anywhere between thirteen and twenty-four beautiful hours, most of which either leave or arrive at an unholy hour. The ones that have some semblance of plausibility often involve say, leaving at 4:30 pm the previous day to arrive at 10:30 the next day with a four hour stopover starting at 3:45AM and... well, you get the picture. I'd be perfectly happy to try these routes if I wasn't so darn scared of falling asleep on the bus so soundly that I miss my transfer and end up in the middle of quebec instead of my luuurvely dorm room, what with having a 10:10 class on monday and all. FYI, the dorms don't open until noon on sunday anyways. Whoopee.
My question to you folks is thus:
Is there any surefire way to make sure I wake up (on the bus) when I need to, and don't miss my transfers?
Also, considering the jagged shards of fragmented sleep this trip would produce, would I even be conprehensible on monday?
Should I just scrap this foolhardy idea altogether?
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