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Okay, so I've decided to play that contest the Pepsi has going on, where they give away a free Xbox 360 every ten minutes. What you do is buy/drink Pepsi, collect caps with the codes on them, enter them online for whatever time you please, and cross your fingers. My question is this: am I better off getting a whole bunch of them and entering them all at the same time, or one or two of them a bunch of times?

There's usually about 1500-1700ish people in any given ten minute thingie and the winner is drawn from them. Therefore, I should have a 1 in 1700 chance of winning if I put in one code, 1 in 850 with two, 1 in 340 with five, etc. But that kinda takes a while and I get impatient. Has anyone here won? What time did you put in/what did you do?

Also, while I'm in the neighboorhood, does anybody know of some good icon communities/journals? I want to fill things out all the way to my limit of 100.

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