Meri (livemockingbird) wrote in thequestionclub,

In love and marriage...

Marriage is another level of intimacy/connection/commitment than other relationships. While some people don't think that marriage is 'that serious', others consider it the ultimate commitment. I, for one, am that kind of person. When I married my husband I knew it would be a forever commitment. It was ever more solidified when we had a child. There were so many more ins and outs and variables to the equation.

My questions:

1. What constitutes cheating within a marriage? intimate conversation with someone else? dancing with someone else? having a drink or a meal with someone else that they forget to mention to you? e-mails? phone calls?

2. Do you consider a difference between emotional 'cheating' and 'physical' or 'sexual' cheating?

3. Which of the above, if any, would be be willing to forgive or at least work to continue your relationship?

4. If you have children together would you consider a marriage more worth working on than if there were no children involved?

5. If you and your spouse were involved in a physical altercation---anger that got to be a little too much---that results in a bruise, blood, or broken bone (it only happens once--and is not within the pattern of your relationship) would you work around it, or leave immediately?

6. Would your answer for the last question be different in one of your children witnessed the event?
Tags: children, relationships, sex
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