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1.) Are there any people whose LJ you read regularly, but you don't have on your friends list? i.e. Who on LJ do you stalk?

2.) Which LJ site scheme (XColibur, Dystopia, Lynx) do you use?

3.) Why do people completely fail at using the "lj culture" tag?

4.) What did you get on that politics test that's been going around lately? I think it would be interesting to aggregate everyone's data, and see just how far to the loony left thequestionclub is. Please just post the numbers if you choose to answer this question. Nobody cares about the stupid graph.

My answers behind the cut:

1.) Just jwz

2.) Lynx

3.) I don't know, but I'm getting sick of seeing "lj culture" attached to against-the-rules "how do I do $X on LJ" questions.

4.) Social Liberal (66% permissive) / Economic Conservative (66% permissive) - Libertarian
Tags: lj culture, tripe
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