Ila O'God (fuzzyila) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ila O'God

something for everyone

1) If you dropped one of your antibiotic pills on the floor in a public place, would you pick it up and take it?

2) If you parked your car in a parking lot near a big bush and noticed the bush had some random nice clothes and a purse laying under it, would you take one of the items that you thought was nice?

3) Do you remember the 1st question you ever posted on the Question Club? What was it? Did you get the answer you were expecting?

4) If you're Canadian and have type A- blood, would you mind donating blood for me? I'm not allowed to, but I figure I may need some one day.

5) If you were a 60+ year old Francophone woman trying to learn English, what sort of activities do you think you'd enjoy?

6) Could you write something random for me in a language other than English? I want to try and guess the language and what it says.

7) Do you believe in "like father, like son" or "women turn into their mothers" or anything like that? Have you witnessed it?

8) If you're married or engaged but don't wear the ring, why not?
Tags: clothing, english language, family, lj culture
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