Brynn (existingleaf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anonymous Questions: Installment #6

These are questions you guys have asked anonymously in a special entry. I cut them off at 10 in the order they were asked, so if yours isn't here it will be in a future post. I have 22 questions still in the queue. You can ask a question here.

Previous installments: 1 2 3 4 5

1. how do you give a good blow job? i cant ever seem to get a guy to cum really quickly, and its very annoying.

2. Have you asked an anonymous question?

3. How do you feel about communism?

4. Have you ever experienced Mittelschmerz? Is it normal for it to be nearly debilitating?

5. What are some good indie, dance type bands?

6. can you give me some flirting techniques, i just cant seem to get it right!

7. Is it normal to feel like everyone hates you? I don't even like asking questions in here because people can be so rude.

8. Have you met your soul mate?

9. Do you think it's weird if you met a girl who was 22 and still a virgin, but had engaged in foreplay a couple of times? And not because of religious choice, just because it just never came about.

10. This is a girly fluids time of the month question.

Since I got my period, the discharge has always been dark brown. I always wondered why people said it was like bleeding, because well, it didn't look like blood to me! Tampon/pad commercials always confused me.

Anyway, recently I have started to discharge bright red blood instead of dark brown, well, I get dark brown when my period's almost finished.

My question is - why the change? Was there something wrong with me before or is there something wrong with me now?

editing number 10 to add: I feel so silly, but I've been wanting to ask this question for so long and I don't have access to an ob/gyn.

Could you add a little edit to my girly bits question that I've had my period for at about 9 years and this is the first time there's been a change in colour?

Tags: girl bits, health, lj culture, music, politics, relationships, sex
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