Sabrina. (ahiddenbird) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you want kids?

If not, and you found out you were pregnant, what would you do?

Do you generally like kids?

What inspired these questions, if your interested (its stressing me out a bit). Just skip if you're not:

My best friend thinks there is pretty much no good reason, ever, under any circumstances, to get an abortion. I haven't told her yet that my aversion to having kids is much, much stronger than my aversion to abortion. If I'm honest with myself, if I got pregnant, I'd have an abortion in a heartbeat--I mean, I would hate being in that situation, but I know I would do it.. She knows I'm pro-choice but I've let her assume I wouldn't get an abortion myself. She has two kids (and wants more!) and every time it comes up, its almost like she takes my being pro-choice personally! Like its a dig at her boys--which isn't the case at all, of course. I like those guys :) I can't imagine what she'd say if I told her the truth, so I'm just quiet about it. I think she'd think I was a horrible, selfish person.

I like kids, I just don't want them for myself.
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