Unger (engagedapathy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry for the triple post tonight...

I am running for Vice President of National Honor Society at my school and I have to give a 2-3 minute speech on why people should vote for me, and all advice I have heard thus far has told me to talk about the 4 cornerstones of NHS: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Character.

If you don't know what NHS is, it's a national group of really smart, motivated kids that do various work in the community and work hard in school and are generally good people, who want their resumes to look nicer.

These sound nice and all but I think that everyone is going to give a speech on those (two of my friends who are running for different offices already showed me their speeches and, sure enough, they talked about the 4 cornerstones of NHS.) I am really bored by that idea and I'm sure that the audience would be too after hearing 11 other speeches on it. Also the 4 cornerstones of NHS really aren't my strongpoints, like I am not a really serving person, and while I get good grades, I am not really concerned by my scholarship.

So my question is, should I give a speech on other traits that I possess that would be good for being VP, or should I stick with the generic speech that everyone else will give?

And if you think I should give a different kind of speech, do you have any ideas on what to include in it? Note that I am not asking anyone to write my speech for me cuz that would just be wrong & blatant plagiarism, but I am really stuck on how to make this an original speech that will show people I care yet not bore them to death.
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