lakeoffire18 (lakeoffire18) wrote in thequestionclub,

And the dwelling continues.

I'll never understand why my mom passed away so young. She was the best. I'm quite confused though. My mom's side of the family has made no effort to ask if me and my sister and dad are okay. The day she passed my mom's side of the family left back to Florida and never called and asked if we were ok.

They left without asking if we were going to make it? They knew we had financial problems and never called to check on us whatsoever. It confuses the hell out of me! What did we do? We couldn't help our mom died. We didn't kill her. Cancer took over. We loved our mom. She would be so upset if she knew her family was doing us like this.

They've all strayed away and we don't know why. It's just hitting me now...hard. How can your "family" not call and for that matter not even be there?!
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