Follow and feel (pandapples271) wrote in thequestionclub,
Follow and feel

1. Would you rather go to school for Early Childhood Education or Cosmetology?

2. Would living in an apartment with your SO plus another couple be a good idea? What if you didn't know the other couple very well?

3. I've been working in a movie theater for about 2 months now. When I first started, I was just doing concession. Every time I did it, though, my inventory was always way off - around $30-$50. I even got a heads-up about it from the concession manager. So not wanting to get fired or anything, I explained myself to the HR manager. I told her how my inventory was always off but my till was always perfect so she moved me to box. Since then I haven't had a single concession shift until this week.

Knowing that my inventory will probably be off, should I try to switch shifts with someone?
Or should I just suck it up and do it anyway?

4. What's your favorite book series? 

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