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i love toast

About toast...

.1. Do you only eat it for breakfast, or any time of day?

Me: I will eat toast for any meal of the day.

.2. What is your perfect bread?

Me: Thick slice of a just-baked baguette (the Albertson's near me actually churns out fabulous stuff fresh at 3 pm daily).

.3. How many slices at a time?

Me: Just one.

.4. Ideal topping?

Me: THIN smear of real butter, not that margarine crap, and a sprinkle of Splenda and cinnamon.

.5. Slightly crisped or nearly blackened?

Me: Pretty well-toasted, to a deep brown but not black (like some people eat their s'mores LOL).

.6. Any other oddities I might be amused by?

Me: Crumbs sticking to my lipgloss= major annoyance!!!


Also, what are you MOST looking forward to finding this year in your Halloween bag/stealing from your child's?

Me: Tootsie rolls, caramel apple pops.

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