stuffed sleazy gravy fairy (briteflite) wrote in thequestionclub,
stuffed sleazy gravy fairy

Is it foolish to apply for a job you KNOW you can do wonderfully, but don't have the technical qualifications for?

The job I want doesn't specify any degrees, but it sounds like a really fast-paced job with a LOT of responsibilities, and sounds suited to a much older person with a long history of youth work.

Should I just write the best cover letter ever and apply anyway? Or will I be laughed at and shamed til my head explodes? Ugh

OK that Q was pretty much just me venting and obsessing, so a real Q.

Do you know anyone that grew up with corporal punishment as a no-big-deal fact of life? (In school or at home.) Do you think they've suffered from the "abuse," or do you think having the punishment be in a different context as modern Western standards (i.e., no social stigma surrounding it; it's considered "OK") led to damage being minimal?
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