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I got this e-mail from my aunt

was hoping someone would have some advice, because obviously while I can google I think this is a 'personal opionion' question as much as anything-thanks for any help you can give me!

Please can you advise me on txt sim cards.

Is O2 (Genie) the cheapest/best network/sim card for txts? Is this how they work.....

1. I buy (or am given, by someone at work) a sim card.
2. Then I put £10 on it and get 300 txts.
3. Is that £10 JUST for txts or have I been told correctly that the £10 is calling credit and the 300 txts are FREE??
4. If 3. is correct does the £10 carry over indefinitely if I don't make any calls.
5. Do I have to top every month?
6. If I don't top up again at the end of the first (or any other, later) month do I understand right that the accumulated credit remains as calling credit, but I just don't get any free txts until I top up again?

I'm finding it hard to get any info on it.

Also, if someone gives me card (i.e. a phone number) would I be able to port my Vodafone number to it?

Finally, is there a better deal - do V/F do anything similar (no prob porting my number to another provider if they do!!) - or maybe Orange, Virgin, Tesco etc.

I don't really need two V/F PAYT phones (but I want to keep my second V/F number)!!

Hope you can sort me out - I just wanna get cheaper txts than 12p a time.

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