crystal cankersore (limers) wrote in thequestionclub,
crystal cankersore

antibiotics question

A doctor at a walk-in clinic prescribed to me ciprofloxacin (sp? cipro for short) to cure a UTI. For some odd reason he gave me 5 days worth when usually they just give me 3. He didn't specify a specific reason for this.

Since I hate UTIs and I hate waiting 4 hours at a walk-in more I was wondering if I could just take the three day's worth and save the rest for if I get another one.

Someone told me that some antibiotics lose their potency over time. Does cipro lose its potency? How should I store it to ensure it stays good?



Thanks everyone! I feel sort of stupid because I really didn't start getting prescriptions until 2 years ago (no joke). I had NO clue about antibiotics but now I'm glad I asked. :) You guys rule.
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