could i have been a dancing nancy? (dummydork) wrote in thequestionclub,
could i have been a dancing nancy?

any history buffs out there?

i'm not asking for anyone to do my homework, but i desperately need some direction on a short paper due thursday for my "twentieth century europe" class. the teacher is very demanding, which doesn't help me out because i absolutely suck at history, but i am required to take 2 history courses. here is the assignment, and if anyone could help me brainstorm i would be so thankful!

Your first assignment will be to write an essay in the form of a policy memo from one government official to another. You may select a prominent or obscure official, for example, a monarch, prime minister, other cabinet minister, general, ordinary military officer, or government bureaucrat. The memo should be dated sometime in the autumn of 1917, and should seek to convince the reader of something. Be sure to address the following questions:

*Who is writing the letter (including country, social class, urban or rural, position in the government)?
*How has the country fared in the war? This is a good place to write about how your country is dealing with the challenges of ‘Total War’
*Has the war affected the internal stability of the country? This is a good place to note any major events.
*What does the writer think about the war’s origins and possible outcome for his own country?
*What does the writer think will happen to himself/herself once the war is over?
*Your memo should reflect the writer’s ideology, as well as an understanding of the ideology of the intended recipient.

This essay is not a research paper, but you will be expected to cite sources (lectures, the textbook, or All Quiet on the Western Front) for facts and ideas.
If you are not familiar with ‘memo format, please refer to the example on the reverse side of this paper.

This essay should conform to ordinary standards of expository prose, including introductory paragraph, well-organized paragraphs, and a conclusion that sums up the paper. Refer to ‘Regarding Written Assignments’ in the syllabus.

Length: Minimum 3 full pages , maximum five pages(not including endnotes or bibliography).

to comply with the rules of the community, my question is: will someone throw out an idea or two for this paper?
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