Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

help with ipod?

I quite possibly could be the queen dummy, so bear with me. I've tried the help file in Itunes, and something's just not clicking in my brain today.

I bought a 4gb mini today (the metallic blue one). Loaded up itunes, got my songs into that, and now I'm sort of stumped on a few things.

1. Can I change the file names, and how?

2. Does this mean that the songs are now on my ipod?

3. If so, I should make playlists and organize stuff, right?

It may have been the beer, but I'm not getting it :/ Ah well, at least I have a cute pink case :P

I have to figure this stuff out by Wednesday, I'm insanely busy Thursday and I go on holidays Friday.
Tags: ipod
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