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You're in your 20s, and while you're overweight and you don't eat very healthily, you're not in terrible health. You've had a couple of high blood pressure readings over the last few months, but it was related to birth control pills, and now that you've stopped taking them it seems to have gone down.

You start having headaches every day, and feel generally run down. One night, you start feeling weird. Your heart rate is fast and irregular, you feel exhausted and like your limbs weigh a ton, and you're a little bit short of breath even just sitting on the couch. After a couple of hours, it seems to resolve. The next day, you go to a store with one of those blood pressure machines...and get a reading of 200/103.

That scares you, so you call the Nurse Line at your insurance company and explain your symptoms. They tell you those blood pressure machines are not very accurate, but to go directly to the emergency room because if it's anywhere near that high you could have a stroke.

Well, the emergency room copay is $150, you took a couple vicodin earlier (that weren't prescribed to you) because of your headache, so you can't drive yourself, and if you miss work tomorrow you could get fired because you haven't quite finished your 90 day probationary period.

What do you do?

ETA: thanks for kicking my ass to get to the ER. I'm calling my fiance to come stay with me tonight, and if he also feels I need to go to the hospital, he can get me there.
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