jessicats (oldfoundnew) wrote in thequestionclub,

Describe the last time you had a "day from hell?" aka when the world seemed to gang up on you and make you feel like complete shit.

I woke up feeling sad.

My dog is getting put down tomorrow.

My housemate is pretty pissed at me. she's also blaring her ~top 40~ radio in her room, so I'm listening to classical music to both drown out the sound of her music, and to help me focus on the paper I'm writing.

The paper I'm writing is on the Holocaust (specifically relating to Lanzmann's Shoah if anyone is familiar).

And holy crap, this is just a combination from hell. This is the first paper I've ever written while crying!

So, TQC, share in my pain. Tell me the last time life ganged up on you and beat you up?
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