rachmh727 (rachmh727) wrote in thequestionclub,

gold shoes!

Hey folks, i was hoping for some fashion-finding help.
I just got this great homecoming dress, and i really want gold sandals/flip flops to go with it. I went to tons of places and cant find anything. Anyone know of any places? Im looking for a metallic gold hopefully. Thanks!

EDIT- Heres the dress:

It looks good with gold, i swear. I have gold earrings and bracelets, and the sequin part has some gold you cant see in it. Also, im pretty tall and dont like to wear heels, so im hoping for flats or really low heels. I'd also like some really cheap ones, hopefully under like $25.

EDIT EDIT: Those Old Navy ones are like perfect! Thanks soooo much!
Tags: clothing, shopping
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