Danielle (eleuthreophile) wrote in thequestionclub,

if you work at target, will you tell me about it? my orientation is on thursday and i'm a little nervous, lol. tell me whatever you want, pretty much. i've worked at kmart and walmart so i have a decent idea of what goes on, but i hardly even shop there so i'm not too familiar with anything.

specific questions:
1) how does getting a raise work at target? at walmart, you got an evaluation after 90 days, and as long as you were doing alright, you got a 40 cent raise. does target do something similar?
2) how does crosstraining work? if i'm trained to work in another department, will i get the same hours i normally get plus maybe an extra shift in the other department? or will i get the same number of hours, just spread out over the departments?
3) if the next paycheck is on the 30th, what dates will that cover? i know we get paid biweekly, but i don't know if my orientation on the 22nd will be on that paycheck or not.
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