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i am hoping that someone, anyone, will have an answer for this.

my computer is being very erratic. it freezes and its generally being ridiculous. over the past week, i have run multiple virus/spyware searching/etc programs and it has come up negative every time.

sometimes it freezes so badly that i have to hold down the restart button to get it to turn off and then when i turn it back on, the scandisk (i assume, it says CHKDSK) runs and says i have orphaned files, and that there are problems with system 32 (or something).

when it actually is running in XP i get errors with the title Delayed Write Failed saying that things couldn't be saved and that the data will be lost. some things that it says i have problems with are:

i don't know what these things are or what is happening.

I took it to IT at my school and they reinstalled XP for me and for about a day, it was working just fine. Right now it's functioning okay, but I'm sure in about 15 minutes or so, everything will freeze and I'll have to shut it down again.

I was going to perform a system restore, but since i reinstalled XP, i don't have any dates to restore to before the problem happened.

(where's the question already?) i just want to know... is my computer terminally ill and will i have to get a new one? or is there something i can do to fix it?

(other possibly necessary information: it's a dell inspiron 1100 laptop, about 2 years old, no longer under warranty)

i will love you forever if you know what to do and maybe i'll even name my firstborn after you... maybe.
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