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1. What do you think of "re-gifting" (someone reclieves a gift that they aren't going to use, so they wrap it and give it to someone else as a gift)?

Is it ok in some situations and not others?

2. Have you ever "re-gifted"? What was it, who was it to, and what was your reason for re-gifting?

3. Have you ever been "re-gifted" to? How did you KNOW it was a re-gift and how did it make you feel?

1. I think re-gifting for an occasion is thoughtless. If you don't like something you recieved as a gift, it's ok to pass it on to someone who might enjoy it as a "just because" gift, but NOT for the next upcoming occasion. I don't think you should raid your closet for someone's upcoming birthday just to find something they might not hate in there. Especially when said friend bought you a $50 sweater for your birthday three weeks ago. hm.

2. I never have.

3. A friend re-gifted to me yesterday, and has re-gifted to me in the past. I can just tell because (a) the item looks like it's been abandoned in a closet for some time and (b) it's so far from my style, I can't imagine her actually picking it out for me. I've always believed in "it's the thought that counts" and it feels like a re-gift has no thought put into it and it makes me feel like I'd rather get nothing than a re-gift. I'd rather get a piece of paper with a smiley face that was drawn on it just for me.
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