Nancy (nnancy1964) wrote in thequestionclub,

Halloween Costumes

I've become "famous" for my Halloween Costumes (Pink Floyd: The Wall, Penguin, Zinnia/flower [which I won $100/first prize for], Star Trek), which I make myself. My sweetie becgueule and I went together last year, which was really fun :-)

We're stumped as to this year's costume. You can't tell it from that picture, but he looks a little like John Cusack... so we're considering doing Lloyd & Diane from "Say Anything" - he'd do a trench-coat with mannequin arms holding up a boom-box. We also hang out with friends and do Dinner & ER every week, so we're thinking about being Mark Greene (complete with head tumor and surgery scar) and Lizzie Corday.

They're both good ideas for him, but pretty blah for me. Any atypical ideas for couples' costumes? We don't want to do anything like Anthony/Cleopatra, Laurel/Hardy, "normal" stuff... ideas, please?
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