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Anonymous questions: Installment #5

These are questions you guys have asked anonymously in a special entry. I cut them off at 10 in the order they were asked, so if yours isn't here it will be in a future post. You can ask a question here.

**Note: One of the questions in the queue is definitely a question asking for drama. I've already been hesitant about 2 questions in previous posts, but they were more about the content of a post rather than the actual person themself and didn't actually name anyone or ask for names. This question, or rather any answers to this question, could violate one of the community's rules ("Namecalling, harassment, and vulgarity towards other users will not be tolerated here. If someone flames you, ignore it or forward it to the moderators. Do not respond with insults, as the moderators will not do anything about in-progress flamewars, other than deleting the entire post/thread and warning/banning everyone involved.") so this is why I won't be including it. Hope everyone agrees with this, although I don't really know if anyone would've actually answered it anyway. Also, should I include questions in the future, should they be asked, that include a gripe about the content of a post?

Previous installments: 1 2 3 4

Okay, on to the anon questions:

1. Do you ever pick your nose and eat it?

2. How do you deal with someone that doesn't have any friends, and is convinced that they are your friend but you can't stand them? They have the personality of a rock.

3. Is it "normal" to keep naked or sexy photos of ex-partners?

4. Have you ever thrown-up intentionally?

5. If you had a good friend in college, and you graduated and moved far, far away knowing that you were likely to never live in the same area again, and then you realized that you thought that friend was absolutely amazing (as in serious relationship material were you to be in the same place) ... would you tell them? Or would you continue to just be a good friend and not say anything?
What if you thought you would be moving closeby in the near future?
What if both of you were in relationships (in either of the previous cases)?

6. Due to my eating disorder I am malnourished, but the vitamins I have make me really sick to my stomach. (They are all natural and were given to me by my nutritionist I have to take them 3 times a day with food. I took them once or twice a day (with food) for two weeks and there was still no change. I need to get healthy, but I can't afford to be sick all the time either. Are there any supplements I can take that are easy on my stomach?

7. I have talked to a really nice woman over the internet for nearly a year.
I mentioned that I was looking for a wedding dress and she said that I could borrow hers. She offered to pay shipping both ways and everything. (She wants it back so her daughter/s can ware it when they get married)
The thing is, I don't want to be rude, but I don't feel right accepting her wedding dress. Not to mention we are only having a small wedding and she wouldn't be invited. (There will be about 20 people attending, all family) How could I, well let her down easy?

8. Do you think that carrying a condom as a negotiation piece would work with a rapist, or at least ANY rapist? What I mean is, if you tell the rapist you won't struggle, scream, or make noise, if they would just wear the condom. Of course, you won't be able to sue after that, so do you think that might ever work? Or all rapists are in it for the power and would never agree to it?

9. What is the most non-naked activity you've done naked?

10. Has anyone ever noticed it's inevitable to have an ass or crotch in your face on a flight of stairs? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Tags: lj culture
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