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A Question About Estrogen

I do not regularly have a period. I have never been very regular, but in the past year, I haven't had a period at all without some sort of medication causing one. I can't be pregnant, and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with me physically, so my doctor thinks that my body just isn't creating enough estrogen.

Both sides of my family have had a long list of breast cancer and other estrogen related cancers, many in their forties and some even younger. On my mother's side, often there is a first cancer, usually estrogen related, and if the person survives it, a second cancer, in some cases there is even a third (brain tumor-cause of death-w/bladder on top of that), is the killer.

I'm only eighteen, but, because of this family history, I would prefer not to take anything that would increase my chances, however slim, because other doctors have already said I am highly at risk for cancer.

Do I really need to have a period, especially if I don't plan on having children, or would be more than happy to adopt if I did want a child? I don't any other health problems (well, hayfever and skin allergies, but I'm not sure that applies). Does anyone else know why I need estrogen so badly? I tried searching Google, but most of what I pull up is related to menopause, and -that- I don't have.
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