Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Im a freshman in college right now, Southern Utah University. Right now I plan on going for my assoc. (Art or Science I dont know yet) Im doing assoc. because I was told it would make transferring to a CA school in two years much easier. Great, that takes care of that, except I dont have the money. So, Loans? and does anyone know any good ones or any way to go about them without completely putting myself in debt for the duration of my life? Or how about scholarship suggestions? It was a miracle I got out of HS alone, I wasnt the most active in school because I was trying to hold my life together. so, as far as the obvious scholarships Im kinda out of luck. Any suggestions?

Also, I am interested in pursuing a psych degree but I dont really want to go for my, anyone know how far can I go before reaching that degree, and what jobs can I get in that field?
Tags: money, school, work
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