Just Call Me Art (arthurbulla) wrote in thequestionclub,
Just Call Me Art

How many Livejournal posts do you have bookmarked/in Favorites?

What about in LJ Memories?

Is there any reason you have some in bookmarks and others in your LJ Memories?

I have 9 LJ entries in a folder called "Reference," which are all either questions from here that I've found to be extremely useful, or posts in school communities that I refer to constantly for information. :)

As for Memories, I only have one that isn't mine, and that's one that belongs to a friend of mine that's pretty much linked to mine.

Bookmarks are for impersonal posts, while memories are for personal ones, or at least ones I've written myself.

EDIT: And how did I hit the "?" twice at the end of one of my questions? I am so ashamed. :P
Tags: lj culture
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