don't you wish you'd never met her? (_dreamaway_) wrote in thequestionclub,
don't you wish you'd never met her?

1. If you saw someone (on the street or whatever) who lacked eyebrows, would you find that odd or ugly, or would you notice it at all?

2. I know this was asked a while ago, but I can't find the answer so please forgive me. Is there a website where I can look up a phone number to see who the wrong number that called me belongs to?

3. Do you get paranoid when wrong numbers call you? If you have caller ID, do you answer unfamiliar numbers?

4. It's probably a long shot, but has anyone seen a film called "Backstage"?
It was screened as a part of the Toronto Film Festival, if that helps, and I'm just wondering what you thought of it, if you have seen it..
(It's on IMDB here:, and the on the TIFF website here:

5. My fingernails are really dry and brittle, and it's starting to annoy me. What can I do about it?

6. Do you believe that a university education is necessary if you're going to "make something" of yourself?
(I know that "making something of yourself" is entirely subjective, but in your opinion..)
Tags: health, movies, school, the internet
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