Tray Dawg (bellapalmera) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tray Dawg

OK, so a Napster question.

I used to be a "Napster Light" member. Once I realized I was spending more than the $9.95 monthly fee, I decided well I will just pay the stupid fee and become a member. So now I want to burn a CD. Why then, if I'm a member, do I now have to pay for each track just because I want to burn it onto a CD? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of me becoming a member? Does anyone else hate this?

EDIT: (So as not to make too many posts in a short period of time.) As a disclaimer, I am NOT planning on doing this. But when you rent a car and they say you can't take it out of the state... how do they know if you do? Is it just taking a chance that a cop might pull you over and be like OH HAY THIS IS TOTALLY NOT FROM HERE, or is there some way that they would find out?
Tags: the internet, vehicles
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