a (punk_is_so_dead) wrote in thequestionclub,


Does anyone know what the grounds are for annulment? I've looked it up and can't seem to make sense of the Catholic babble that's on all these websites ... It seems like it varies from state to state.

I'll tell you the situation. And I can't ask either party involved. My mother and father were married for ten years and had two children together. They got divorced. My father had the marriage annulled. I want to find out what the possible reasons could be. If it matters, my mother cheated on my father plenty of times, but I didn't think that was a reason to get a marriage annulled (since that happens quite often) ... other reasons I saw were that the marriage was unconsummated. I thought that if you had children, you COULDN'T get the marriage annulled, but I know for certain that this marriage was. Anything anyone knows would be helpful. Thanks.
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