God Fearing Lesbian (grimalkinrn) wrote in thequestionclub,
God Fearing Lesbian

The Dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist?


Do you get your teeth cleaned regularly? Why or why not?

How much dental work have you had done?

Before you go to the dentist, do you try to clean your teeth better than usual, or do you just go?

Yes. When I was young, my mother didn't take us often, so every trip was painful and scary. Also, my dentist was a big, scary man.

For the last few years, yes. It took me a while, and meeting a comforting dentist, to do it. Also, I didn't have insurance for a few years, and so I didn't go.

I got hit by a car 3 years ago (driven by one of our night shift nurses on her way home D=) and had to have 13 dental procedures to fix my teeth :(.

I just brushed my teeth for five minutes and flossed extra just to be sure my teeth are clean. I know, though, that they'll find SOMETHING.

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