Miss Hannah (liftup_urhands) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Hannah

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bunch o' random questions

I haven't been on TQC for forever. How are you doing, guys?

I'm stuck at home (rain and a hurt back)... where are you stuck at? why?

What's your favorite kind of wine? And how much do you consider yourself a connoisseur?

I'm taking a week off drinking because I've become an alcoholic sorta and need a break. Have you done anything like this before? How'd it work for you? Were you able to mellow your ways or did you just go back to how things were?

What are you addicted to?

What's the one thing you feel is missing from your life?
a cat!

Anyone have a story about a cat they want to tell me?

There's a big spider somewhere behind my bookshelf... what are you trying to not think about right now?

What would you prefer to be thinking about?

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