"B" (thatfleetingirl) wrote in thequestionclub,


Every year for Thanksgiving your small family does the traditional dinner and invites a few friends and family. Usually, after you spend dinner with your family early in the day, you make your way over to a childhood friends house where you enjoy the second half of Turkey day with them. This year, your family has moved across the country and you don't have you traditional plans. You miss your family and the comfort of what it used to be. While your family is no longer in town and you can't afford to travel to them for the short holiday, you're going to visit them for Christmas. The friend's family has extended their usual invite to you and you're looking forward to going and having Turkey dinner in the comfort of good company and close family friends.

Your best friend lives nearby and this year, is going to be rendered alone on Thanksgiving. Attempting to make the best of it, BFF decides to look into volunteering. BFF asks if you will spend the day with her doing volunteer work. You know your friend has had a pretty tough year and is trying to stay cheerful about being alone on Thanksgiving - the situation with her isn't as innocuous as yours is.

What do you do?

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