Катерина (genuine_stacey) wrote in thequestionclub,

bursary applications

So... It's my first time applying for a bursary, and I'm unsure about some numbers that I have to put in...

For example, what is the 'normal' amount one should spend on groceries per month? I mean, I know how much I spend, but if I told anyone they would laugh. Plus, I want to get as much money as I can, right? So basically I want to exaggerate, but the number has to stay within the limits.

I am living on my own, and I need to know the nubmers for basically everything - rent, food, utilities, clothing, health care... even stuff like school supplies.

Oh, and also I don't know how it can make a difference, but my education is paid for through the school scholarship, so I have to record that on my application. I guess it's clear why I'm trying to max out everything else :)

Thank you all in advance!
Personal experiences welcome :)
Tags: housing, money, school
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